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What is AIChE GSFCU?

We are a cluster of students from the Department of Chemical Engineering running the non-profit organization called the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals University Student Chapter (AIChE GSFCU SC). It is a platform where you can grow through professional programs, amalgamation with other student chapters across the globe and consortium of professional members. We serve as a liaison between the parent body, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the chapter members to promote the professional development of our chapter by its programs and its relations with other homogeneous incessant student chapters. We contend to aggrandize better awareness of the nature of the chemical engineering profession among current and prospective members. We strive to leverage the professional code of conduct and strengthen the relations amongst each one of us. We endeavour to enhance collaboration with different organizations from different areas and with chapters envisaged with the same ethos across the globe.


The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is a professional organization for chemical engineers. AIChE was established in 1908 to distinguish chemical engineers as a profession independent of chemists and mechanical engineers.

With more than 60,000 members from more than 110 countries, AIChE has the breadth of resources and expertise you need whether you are in core process industries or emerging areas, such as translational medicine.

To know more about the benifits of being a member of AIChE, visit AIChE's Official Website.

AIChE Official Website

Our Slogan

Chemical engineering is the growing and developing day by day, We make an effort to do the same.

Jayrajsinh Parmar

President, AIChE GSFCU

A cordial greeting on behalf of AIChE GSFC University Student Chapter, I perpetually assert with aplomb to the members to fulfil lacuna of being the proficient engineer having cognitive skills and unleash the true potential of ‘IKIGAI’.

Mohhamad Zaid Sakarwala

Vise President, AIChE GSFCU
K-12 Subcommittee Member - AIChE ESC.

AIChE GSFCU SC is by the members, for the members, and of the members. This student-run nonprofit organization is an extravaganza in bestowing lavishing opportunities among its members. One needs to devour the eternity it disseminates and be appurtenant to it.

Manan Dhokiya

Secretary, AIChE GSFCU

AIChE GSFCU SC seeks to accomplish the apophthegm of Decide, Commit, and Succeed. AIChE GSFCU SC reckons in refining every obstacle into an opportunity and altering opportunity into success. This is the platform where Technology, Skills, Management, Communication, and Social Warfare Is intertwined.

Varshil Patel

Treasurer and Co-Secretary, AIChE GSFCU

The prosperity of the objective of AIChE GSFCU SC will embellish by providing exceptional service and assistance through significant and profitable monetary and organizational procedures.

Stavan Sojeetra

Program Committee Chair, AIChE GSFCU

I'm the Programming Committee Chair of the AIChE GSFCU SC. Our student chapter tries to engage and involve all the members of the SC to participate in different competitions related to chemical engineering. We try to give more and more practical knowledge rather then completely focusing on the theory.

Veera Patel

Publications Chair and Webmaster, AIChE GSFCU

Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the World. And chemical engineering is the process to achieve that magic. I believe that our creativity has no limits. There is a mere difference between creativity and art. Creativity gives you the authority to make mistakes but art gives you the choice to choose your mistakes.
I believe in the power of a team, and I respect the work of my team. That is our strength as AIChE GSFCU.

Devarshi Kothwala

Event Committee Chair, AIChE GSFCU

Here the goal is to plan not to wish. Planning to create something exceptional requires focus on small details. Positivity is welcomed here. Our objective is bring new and innovative activities to build your mind towards to a practical world.


Public Relations Chair, AIChE GSFCU

AIChE GSFCU SC believes in the prosperity of all the students from all the aspects. Communication is the "magic" which can cause a great effect on all the living beings and I entrust the proper use of these powers for the progress of our Student Chapter.



I assure the cautious building of chem-E-car and I Look towards the accurate CHEMICAL REACTIONS to be 1st experimented and then place in the car. I feel AIChE GSFCU SC helps to get connected with the branch more and more and inspires to acquire deep knowledge over all fields of Chemical Engineering.


K-12 Outreach Chair, AIChE GSFCU

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative way." -Robert greene
AIChE GSFCU SC believes in skill development and creative learning. Our objective is to increase interest awareness and excitement for science and engineering in elementary to high school students and nuture them to creatively solve technical challenges in responsible and socially conscious way.


Marketing and sponsorship chair, AIChE GSFCU

As our chapter provides opportunities to reach students through digital,print and by events and showcase brand and your support of the profession.